<b>Support NWI for 11-13-14 Georgia Gives Day</b> - be a part of Georgia Gives 2014!  Donate to support NWI's work serving the community! <b>East Atlanta project</b> - This property was acquired by NWI for major rehabilitation and an addition.  This is the completed project. <b>East Lake property before / after rehab</b> - this property was a long time vacant property, NWI placed a 1st time homeowner in this home. <b>Working together</b> - Neighborhood Works, Inc. finds contractors and volunteers from the community to make a better day.

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Quality Affordable Housing Empowers Communities

NWI believes affordable housing is an important step towards community empowerment and sustainable economic development. NWI works with experienced professionals to acquire and rehabilitate vacant foreclosed housing to meet or exceed HUD standards. Our finished homes are sold to qualified first time home buyers with a subsidy to ensure affordability for 5 or more years.


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